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ElectroN concerns itself with both Free Radical behavior and Cellular voltage... Our research indicates that Free Radicals are the "first cause" of a disease... Additionally, it appears that cellular voltage greater than then 90 millivolts may cause cellular membrane pitting and fluid loss resulting in decreasing the efficiency of the immune system...

Please listen to our environment of electro-radiation and WiFi-energy too!!!

Vitally Important...The health of our body is maintained by the equilibrium of Oxidation and Reduction. As long as a balance exists between oxidative stress and our antioxidant system, our body is maintained in a healthy state. However, excessive oxidative stress or inadequacy in a normal cell’s antioxidant defense system (or both) can cause the cell to experience oxidative stress. Tumor cells usually have an imbalanced redox status resulting in the damage to DNA, proteins and lipids. Higher levels of DNA damage and deficient DNA repair may predispose individuals to cancer.